Module 9 单元练习

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1. Montreal, port in the province of Quebec, is the second largest city in Canada, and also the second largest Frenchspeaking city in the world, Paris the largest.

A. a; being B. the; being

C. a; is D. the; to be

2. bullfighting and football, Spain is distinguished for its food as well.

A. Despite B. In addition to

C. Except for D. Due to

3. There are many places in the world have been visited only by a few, many are beautiful.

A. where; of which B. which; of whom

C. that; of which D. that; of whom

4. Canada has vast areas of wildness, from the Arctic north, average winter temperatures are usually minus 20 degrees centigrade, to the 8892kilometrelong border the USA in the south.

A. where; with B. which; /

C. where; / D. which; with

5. himself with necessary skills, he went to the job market with confidence.

A. Equipped B. Equipping

C. Having equipped D. Being equipped

6. The recovered patient owed to the doctors timely operation that she was still alive.

A. that B. it

C. what D. her

7. Scientists believe native Americans arrived by crossing the land bridge that connected Siberia (西伯利亚) and more than 10,000 years ago.

A. this is Alaska

B. Alaska is now

C. is now Alaska

D. what is now Alaska

8. ―Where is the theatre?

―It is about the city of Beijing.

A. in south of 50 kilometres

B. 50 kilometres south of

C. 50 kilometres the south of

D. southern of 50 kilometres

9. all over the hills and around the lake are wild flowers of different kinds.

A. To grow B. Grown

C. Growing D. Grow

10. Occasions are quite rare for her she has the time to spend a day with her kids.

A. that B. in which

C. where D. when

11. Whether you are in a speech contest or you are giving a talk in class, a little preparation will make your presentation organized and .

A. historic B. multicultural

C. dynamic D. ambiguous

12. Child as he is, he can between right and wrong.

A. distinguish B. distribute

C. display D. distract

13. In that school, English is for all students, but French and Russian are optional.

A. special B. compulsory

C. regional D. original

14. , the concert began.

A. The listeners having taken their seats

B. Having taken their seats

C. Having taken their places

D. Taking their seats

15. ―Could I use your car tomorrow morning?

―Sure. I a report at home.

A. have been writing B. will have written

C. have written D. will be writing

二、单词拼写 (根据提示写出单词的正确形式)

1. Nineteen majors in the university win international credits, among which the business classes r first.

2. Every citizen would remember the h moment forever when their country gained its independence.

3. They spent a lot of money e the school with modern facilities.

4. We were amazed at her (投入) to the job.

5. Once you have experienced the t of bungee jumping, youll never forget it.

6. (考虑到) Australias relatively small population, its outstanding performance in the Olympic Games was really amazing.

7. A (愉快的) heart goes all the way.

8. There are old buildings, narrow streets and concrete s towering upwards.

9. Within this huge country, there are vast mountain (山脉) and open plains.

10. We have to cancel the (原来的) plan because of the storm.


be shaped like, home to, in addition to, take ones breath away, little more than, equip with, second only to, seek ones fortune, be content with, in particular

1. Quebec is one of Canadas oldest and best known resorts(度假胜地), MontTremblant.

2. The acrobats (杂技演员的) thrilling performances the audiences .

3. A number of “green” Internet businesses promote that users can help save the planet by doing surfing the right websites.

4. Millions of people left their homes for California to in the Gold Rush but only a handful of people were successful.

5. John is not going to merely fulfilling his lifes ambition to sail the worlds oceans.

6. These courses learners not only basic knowledge but also some necessary social skills.

7. The hardworking worker gets various allowances his wages.

8. As we all know, the Sydney Opera Houses roof a ships sails.

9. China is the second largest economy in the world, the United States.

10. His statement refers to people in general, not to anyone .


1. On the east and west are the shores of two great oceans―the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Smaller in size, but equally famous, is the city of Vancouver. (主谓倒装)

仿写:1) when the women were looked down upon.


2) at the back of the room a shy girl with two big eyes.


3) Mr. Liu, who taught us English.


2. Montreal, ..., is the largest Frenchspeaking city in the world, Paris being the largest. (画线部分为独立主格结构)

仿写:1) The girl (lead) the way, they got out of the mountain.

2) Homework (finish), the children went out to play.

3) I send you 100 dollars today, the rest (follow) in a year.

Unit 2


1. ―Do you mind my opening the window? Its a bit hot in here.

― , as a matter of fact

A. Go ahead B. Yes, my pleasure

C. Yes, I do D. Come on

2. ―The town is so beautiful! I just love it.

―Me too. The character of the town is well .

A. qualified B. preserved

C. decorated D. simplified

3. Usually with positive meanings, green is strongly connected with life.

A. associated B. being associated

C. having associated D. associating

4. The old lady the shopkeeper of charging her too much for the goods she had bought.

A. accused B. charged

C. blamed D. criticized

5. Having retired from his business, he now himself with the welfare of the disabled.

A. associates B. charges

C. equips D. occupies

6. in the regulations that you should not tell others the password of your email account.

A. What is required B. It is required

C. What required D. It requires

7. ―Where did they appoint the date of their wedding?

―It was in the coffee shop we visited them.

A. which B. when

C. where D. it

8. All the students are working hard at their lessons in preparation for the examination .

A. to coming B. coming

C. to come D. for coming

9. Some parents said there were differences in their approach to educating their children compared with of their parents.

A. those B. one

C. what D. that

10. With from other food cultures, American food culture can take a turn for the better.

A. share B. chance

C. inspiration D. friction

11. When asked about their opinions about the schoolmaster, many teachers would prefer to see him step aside younger men.

A. in terms of B. in need of

C. in praise of D. in favor of

12. The beginning of the movie is impressive, is the ending, leaves us much to think.

A. as; which B. as; what

C. which; which D. it; that

13. Being a parent is not always easy, and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries with extra stress.

A. it B. them

C. one D. him

14. Boris has brains. In fact, I doubt whether anyone in the class has IQ.

A. a high B. a higher

C. the higher D. the highest

15. ―Which share is meant for me?

―You can take half. They are exactly the same.

A. this B. any

C. either D. neither

二、单词拼写 (根据提示写出单词的正确形式)

1. I think the company places too much (重视) on cost and not enough on quality.

2. This technique can not only help you clear your thoughts and improve your memory, but it could also m your relationship.

3. Of the two lectures,the first was by far the better, because (部分原因是) the speaker had an extraordinary style.

4. First, check whether you are required to (注册) beforehand.

5. First you should (评估)the facts on the ground, then you present a new strategy.

6. We are making slow but (稳步的) progress.

7. Beckham used to be a as captain of the English football team.

8. Everyone on road must obey traffic r .

9. The meeting room was d with flowers.

10. The report c cars with being responsible for half of the centurys air pollution problem.


make many advances in, make an appointment with, sentence sb. to death, come to ones assistance, with regard to, be charged with, in terms of, on behalf of, in honor of, cause damage to

1. the department, I would like to express our warm welcome to you all.

2. customer satisfaction, the policy cannot be criticized.

3. Despite his cries, no one .

4. I am always delighted when I receive an email from you. the party on July 1st, I shall be pleased to attend.

5. The ancient Greeks many fields like philosophy, which has had a great influence on Western civilization.

6. Jack can murder according to this material.

7. If you havent had a recent physical examination, your doctor and get a complete blood analysis done.

8. The school was named after Fei Junlong his great contributions to Chinas space industry.

9. Liu Tiejun for severe corruption and bribery (贪污受贿).

10. The flood that bridge, resulting in many traffic problems.


1. No one has had a greater influence on Western civilization than the ancient Greeks.


仿写:1) I cant (完全赞同).

2) It (再好不过了).

2. The Roman alphabet is a Greek invention, as is the marathon.

(as + 助动词 + 主语 意为“……也是一样”)

1) The film is so boring, (其音乐也是如此).

2) I travel to Beijing every year, (我的很多朋友也这样).


Unit 1

一、1―5 ABCAC 6―10 BDBCD 11―15 CABAD

二、1. rank 2. historic 3. equipping 4. devotion

5. thrill 6. Considering 7. merry 8. skyscrapers 9. ranges 10. original

三、1. home to 2. took, breath away 3. little more than 4. seek their fortune 5. be content with 6. equip, with 7. in addition to 8. is shaped like 9. second only to 10. in particular

四、1. 1) Gone are the days

2) Sitting / Seated, was

3) Present at the meeting was

2. 1) leading 2) finished 3) to follow

Unit 2

一、1―5 CBAAD 6―10 BCCDC 11―15 DAABC

二、1. stress 2. mend 3. partly 4. register

5. assess 6. steady 7. appointed 8. regulations 9. decorated 10. charges / charged

三、1. On behalf of 2. In terms of 3. came to his assistance 4. With regard to 5. made many advances in 6. be charged with 7. make an appointment with 8. in honor of 9. was sentenced to death 10. caused damage to

四、1. 1) agree more 2) cant be better

2. 1) as is its music 2) as do most of my friends


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