“The Story of Stuff” Es作文800字

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“The Story of Stuff” Es作文800字

  Before I watch“the story of stuff”I didn’t know that people would make the earth worst than it is now。The earth is worst than I think。After I watch“the story of stuff”I think we really should protect the earth,and starting today。No matter where you are,you need to help,it’s not just the U。S。that has to do this,and everyone needs to do this。It helps the earth。

  Our family is doing a great job,but I think we can make it better。Things we do is good,are very helpful to the environmental。We reduce,reuse&recycle,we know the 3R’s,but we could do better than the 3R’s,we also use the green bin。Better things come with good care。In our family we do anything that is ecofriendly。Personally,I am not very organized,but I still do the 3R’s and the green bin。Blue bin is need too。All of my family member do those things。Sometimes I got confused and things end up in the wrong spot。When things end up in the wrong spot,which is not every ecofriendly。When things that can be recycled,is not recycled,because they end up in the wrong spot。I need to be more careful。

  Greenhouse gas is the cause of the greenhouse effect。Global warming happens when greenhouse gases(Carbon dioxide,water vapor,nitrous oxide,and methane)trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere,which increases the temperature。Global warming is cause by greenhouse effect。Global warming is not good for any biotic(living things)。Carbon dioxide(CO2)is released into the atmosphere by the burning of solid waste,wood and wood products,and fossil fuels(oil,natural gas,and coal)。Things that made greenhouse gas in our family are those:Carbon dioxide(CO2)from our car,energy use(electrical pollution),non-recyclable stuff that got burned(if I misplace some recycle stuff they don’t pick it out,they burn the recycle stuff too)。Pollutions are the main one。

  We should recycle and of course we shouldn’t misplace things。Garbage goes to garbage bin,recycle goes to recycle,and green bin goes to green bin。Blue bin goes to the blue bin。If we do those things,than we can reduce the carbon footprint。

  Helping the earth is helping others。We should help the earth no matter what。The earth is our home planet we should protects it。

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