Module 9单元练习

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Unit 3


1. When my grandpa was young, he had to_________several miles a day to school since he had no money to take a bus.

A. cover B. take

C. get D. make

2. —It sounds to me as if he knows a lot about computers.

—He is a person fond of_________.

A. showing off B. making up

C. showing up D. making out

3. I'm afraid I will need help. The job is_________I can do by myself.

A. less than B. more than

C. no more than D. not more than

4. John thinks it won't be long_________he is ready for the challenges in his job.

A. when B. after

C. before D. since

5. the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Imperial Tombs is a place which_________a visit.

A. Dated back to; is worth

B. Dating from; is worthy

C. Dating back to; is worthy of

D. Dated from; is worthy of

6. The magician picked several persons from the audience_________and asked them to help him with the performance.

A. by accident B. on occasion

C. at random D. on average

7. What surprises him most is the country life he was used to_________greatly in the past 30 years.

A. change B. has changed

C. changing D. having changed

8. The time he has devoted since he graduated from college_________children in poor areas is now considered_________of great value.

A. to help; being B. to helping; to be

C. to help; to be D. helping; being

9. One reason for people's preference for city life is_________they can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants.

A. that B. how

C. what D. why

10. Although we haven't seen each other for many years, I still remember the words, believe it or not,_________he said to me on the day when I left.

A. which B. that

C. what D. as

11. The people here went on strike to oppose_________a factory which would cause much damage to the environment.

A. building B. to build

C. to have built D. being built

12._________to the federal government, they are less likely to_________to state government.

A. Having elected; electing

B. Electing; elected

C. Elected; have been elected

D. Having been elected; be elected

13. I'd love to go on a vacation with you, but the fact is that I'm too busy to_________the time.

A. take B. afford

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