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By joanne Leuy-Prewitt

Do you know parents of high schoolstudents who come to the rescue whenever theirson or daughter is in a tough spot? Are they stilldelivering forgotten lunches or gym clothes toschool? Have they tried to negotiate with theschool for a different teacher or a better grade?

If so, they may be helicopter parents.

Helicopter parents hover and swoop in torescue their children from any adversity. Collegeadmissions offices began using this moniker afew years ago when they noticed that parentswere becoming increasingly involved in the dailylives of their college-age children.

Helicopter parents are problematic atdifferent stages of development. For youngchildren, constant hovering can inhibit a child’sability to develop his or her own motivation,self-confidence of sense of responsibility. Whyshould Johnny make the effort to remember histrombone if he knows that dad will bring it toschool? Cell phones, even for young children,have made this type of communication andrequest for help common.

However, helicopter parents pose differentproblems for high school students. High schoolstudents are trying to separate and individuatefrom their parents, and parents who can’t let gocan inhibit that process.

Moreover, students who haven't had theopportunity to navigate their own obstacles-whether social of academic-emerge fromadolescence ill-equipped to handle the demandsof college and adulthood.

Helicopter parents of high school studentsare often over-involved because they are caughtup in the competitive admissions frenzy and fearthat their children won't end up at the “right”college. As a response, they orchestrate andmicro-manage every teacher, class and activityin which their child participates-from birththrough high school--to ensure that they’ll haveeverything they need for admission to the “best”college.

I’m not advocating a complete hands-off approach from parents either. Obviously,children who have attentive, loving and involvedparents thrive both in school and in life. I don’tthink it’s a crime to bring a lunch to school onoccasion, nor do ! think parents should adopt alaissez-faire attitude about college preparation.

However, I think that it’s wise to be mindfulof the importance of teaching self-reliangceand responsibility, and that requires backingoff a little and letting students-of all ages-experience the life lessons and consequences oftheir actions. A student in middle school whoearns that late homework will lead to a loweredgrade will be far better off than a student wholearns that lesson in high school.











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