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In Changbai Mountain, when the excellent natural reserve and holiday combined, mountain resort will show its most extreme attitude. Almost zero P.M2.5, negative oxygen ion ten times in the city, which can be easily turned off walking negative energy city under pressure, can also be around in the birch forest golf course with views of practice skills, or ride a Piakeha - Tacoma toward the hillside, overlooking the mountain. As the morning mist and morning sun splendor when starting the day with the health time, so there is no reason to reject the holiday.


"The human nature is born for love" this sentence in the pass by resort with more experience of forest. The car pulled open grassland resort since the time of impulse, excitement and sense of hit, like want with this piece of fresh hug, low the head is not difficult to find the low grass of the tiger lily has quietly blooming flowers, green wave fluctuation has been extended to the end of the wood, a shelter in the birch forest, a building fairy tale of cabin in the woods around the Buddha appeared, reflecting the Cullen lake, beautiful scenery like a painting, make us believe that this is a "aerobic trip".


Since Changbai Mountain Airport 20 minutes driving, in an idyllic scene over the changing beauty, car stopped in door of Sheraton Hotel. The hotel is the appearance of low-key plain brown, the huge fountain spread cool outside. Into the lobby, staff provides service and handles check in for us, and show us the way to the room. Through the smooth and bright hall floor, we enter the room by elevator. The ground of hotel corridor is covered with thick brown and white intertwined floral carpet, footsteps on the carpet has not only given us quiet and comfortable. Open the guestroom door instantly have a surprise hit, through the window can see the beauty of Changbai Mountain, close eyes touched the customs small town general hotel building, and the distance is the green mountains and the blue sky.


We want to resort more extremely; to search relaxing experience all can let a person extremely. Castle Peak green has made a SPA for the eyes and lungs, and then the body must with rhythm. We had heard the day dream SPA, this time to Changbai Mountain resort also has a "premeditated" ready to experience. Day dream SPA in a negative layer resorts in Westin Hotel, sounds with intimate atmosphere, and so, in a layer through the long corridor, pass by this unique recreation room, and then take the elevator to the day dream SPA in the negative layer. Spa room is spacious luxury, a locker room, bathroom with Spa area. Before the commencement of the project, therapist served tea and flowers smell sweet gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, in the subsequent replacement between clothes and bath division waiting outside the door, guest privacy.


"Golf" is the transliteration from Dutch word "kolf", meaning “good life in green and fresh oxygen ". The birch forests around the golf course are very fit"Golf" intention in Changbai Mountain Resort area. Birch ball will be the site of the world’s top designer Jack Niklaus penned, as the 72 par 18 hole golf course, is said to have been Jack Niklaus for the original platyphylla wonder, considered here can achieve perfect unity of nature and sports. Now a new stadium and the surrounding white birch complement each other, in the high cross-country track can be clearly seen in the whole course, at June to October each year there will always be a lot of golf enthusiasts, as they say, birch ball around the grass, trees, the branches are hidden negative oxygen ion, entered the stadium was never seen refreshing, can exercise skills and can enjoy the beauty of nature..



In addition to the overlapped, left at the end of the lush trees and the negative oxygen ion content of more than 50000 of the fresh air, Changbai Mountain is also rich in mountaineering off-road resources. Changbai Mountain Resort at higher elevations, can rent an ATV mountain bike in the resort, challenge the rugged mountain, twisting wheel in the rock and slope, feel the changes in the ups and downs. But this time to Changbai Mountain, we also witnessed the "artificial" challenge -- cross-country racing.

Designed by Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort Management Company, cross-country route is repaired from ski snow road which is very popular in winter, this time from a number of countries and regions more than 300 participants need to proceed from the resort, resort in the mountains through the original forest road, a number of climbing mountains across the gravel road, finally meet at the foot of the Shaman Square. At five o’clock in the morning, the square was crowded with competitors, began to the input fingerprint retrieval, after retrieval, Crosscountry Championships runner from the Swedish led the player warms-up in the square stage, cheerful rhythm inspires contestants enthusiasm, bright smile on everyone’s face.


Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano, leading the title of"First Mountain of Great Kanto”, and the Changbai Mountain Lake is the deepest lake in China, the mystery and the original has never praise. On the last day in resort, we go to the west slope of Changbai Mountain by bus to the west slope of Tianchi, is a recent distance between Resort Entrance, entered from the North Slope and South also can see the Tianchi, East Slope is located in North Korea. After forty minutes we arrived at the Changbai Mountain at the foot of the West Slope, here need to change in the scenic green car arrived half way up the mountain to the Tianchi. On the road after the big turn bus, gradually to the nearby hillside. Although previous researchers caution to prepare long-sleeved clothes, but after forty minutes, a pedestrian get off again when the attack of the cool breeze still lets a person feel pressure. Fortunately, nearby shops to rent thick cotton-padded clothes, many of them have been rented coat to wear. West Slope retained the integrity of Changbai Mountain’s original style, starting from the West Slope of the mountain to climb 1442 steps can see Tianchi landscape, mountain climbing time is about forty minutes, although time is not long, but at an altitude of more than two thousand meters strip through the forty minutes and not easily. On the way to the top of the hill, only big ridge to guide us, on both sides of the Green Mountain Alpine Rhododendron is nearby snow. In the years of wind and rain erosion, slope to breed myriads of changes and battlement clear attitude, the camera focus under the frame of the blue sky and white clouds, mountains and water, is worthy of the name "mountain at four seasons.








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